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Welcome to Hypolandia

I know you have never been here and I hope you never have to visit. Hypolandia is not somewhere I would recommend on TripAdvisor, but I thought it worthwhile to give you a tour. So you can be less worried on my behalf but also to know when to go

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The Next Big Thing

Few trends look as certain to pick up traction than the so-called Internet of Things, as once-inert objects in our homes are turned into sensor-laden, intelligent devices and appliances.The connected home has arrived... If confirmation were really

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Are they being served?

Companies can now close the gap between their brand and customers by taking advantage of one of the most rewarding, but ignored, social media opportunities: good, old-fashioned customer service Social networks continue to be an arena

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How to win friends and influence people

Maximise your social media networking potential by doing less, but doing it better This is an article I wrote for the UK's top trade kitchen and bathroom magazine - Essential Kitchens and Bathrooms Business. You can follow them on Twitter here. If

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iStreet – The Future of Retail

This is an article I wrote for the UK's top trade kitchen and bathroom magazine - Essential Kitchens and Bathrooms Business, September 2013 edition. You can follow them on Twitter here. if you would like to subscribe, visit Subscribe to

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Not on Facebook? You are, you just don’t know it

As the number of big-name marques hit by data theft grows by the day - I have been in the mix twice this month alone, thank you Vodafone and TalkTalk - it might be tempting to think that staying off social networks like Facebook is a sensible step

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Reply, forward, ignore? Why your marketing emails get binned

"Should we reply to this? Or forward it on?  Or just ignore it?"  Email response after query to regional body dedicated to helping local businesses, from a local business# Email remains a killer mechanism to connect with your target audience and to

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Things the newspapers never tell you about football

Today was a first. The last football match I attended was North Ferriby United in the FA Vase with my father when I was 12. It rained. My father definitely didn't sink more than three pints and anyone that says he did is mistaken. I went to a

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